These cables are suitable for power connecting wire and complete lines between indoor household appliances, generally used for electric iron or electric saucepan. Not suitable for outdoor use nor power supply to electrical tools. Ozone, oxygen, UV rays and heat resistant.
Operating temperature
Voltage rating:
      - Flexible bare or tinned copper strand conductor acc. to DIN VDE 0295 class 5. IEC 60228 class 5
      - EPR insulation type E14 of HD22.1
      - Color coded to VDE 0293-308/HD 308 / UNE 21089-1(3 conductors and above with yellow/green wire)
      - Textile yarn filler
      - Textile braid of HD22.1
Core identification:
      Brown, Blue, Green/Yellow
Outer sheath color:
      Black or White, other colours on request
Followed standard:
     UNE 21027 part 14, <HAR> HD22.14, ROHS compliant
Construction data:


Conductor Insulation Overall  Diameter.  Max. Cond. Resistance at 20°C
Area  Construction Nom. Thick Bare copper Tinned copper
mm² No./mm mm mm Ω/km
H03RT-H 2X0.75 2X42/0.15 0.8 5.5~7.2 26.0 26.7
2X1.0 2X56/0.15 0.8 5.7~7.6 19.5 20.0
2X1.5 2X84/0.15 0.8 6.2~8.2 13.3 13.7
3X0.75 3X42/0.15 0.8 5.9~7.7 26.0 26.7
3X1.0 3X56/0.15 0.8 6.2~8.1 19.5 20.0
3X1.5 3X84/0.15 0.8 6.7~8.8 13.3 13.7

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