Case Studies

State + Local Government

City of Temecula

With a growing community and older public buildings, the City of Temecula was in need of a public space that its citizens would embrace. The project challenges were many; from accommodating existing city workers and officials, to envisioning the space needed to serve Temecula for many years to come.

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State + Local Government

Kansas Statehouse

Although the scope to restore the Kansas Statehouse included 87 private offices, 50 semi-private offices, three conference rooms, and four lounge/reception areas, the real challenge was to capture the cherished history in the restoration of this landmark.

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National is proud to be a partner of the OMNIA Partners, Public Sector contract #R191811. With our broad range of stylish office furniture offerings, we have a solution for all types and sizes of public agencies.



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State + Local Government

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