We Believe

We see our legacy as more than quality furniture; it's a reverence for nature.

The National story begins with our parent company, Kimball International. Our history and culture are deeply rooted in responsibility with a strong commitment to positively impact people and the environment. We are working to safeguard the health of our world for one another and for generations to come.


Our Sustainability Statement

We aim to create lasting stakeholder value through responsible growth and deep commitment to the well being of future generations. We cherish the earth's natural resources and hold sustainability and environmental protection as our key priorities.


Our Commitments

These six commitments provide a framework for focusing our energies toward the greatest good:

  • Product Stewardship
  • Environmental Preservation
  • Green Building Development
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Social Accountability
  • Economic Responsibility

Sustainability Resources

Info Sheets

Sales Sheets

Corporate Social Responsibility Summaries

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