A Culture of Caring

优优彩票注册At National, we empower our talented and compassionate team to strengthen our communities。 Across the nation, we focus on how we can help, who we can help, and we try to lead by example。 It’s a source of pride that our employees are active stewards in their communities as volunteers, mentors, coaches, caregivers, and much more。 From being a good corporate neighbor to leaving a legacy of responsibility, National is dedicated to making a positive impact。


Donate Your Used Furniture

优优彩票注册National’s furniture is built to last a lifetime. However, we understand that needs fluctuate and styles change. When you are ready to update your space and need to find a new home for your used furniture, we recommend using our partner (Asset Network for Education Worldwide). ANEW will work with your organization to repurpose your used furniture and other furnishings. They work with charities, non-profits, and underserved communities to utilize the furniture. Feel good about donating your used furniture to help others, and to divert it from the landfill.

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